Project 365: DAY 23 (Poppies in the Garden!)

It’s been a lovely weekend, and such a lovely day today! Work went by so quickly (which is rather rare) and I never felt better, waking up at 5am lol! 
We had someone come to see the house today and she seemed okay and hopefully we’ll be able to extend our contract as soon as possible! 
Today’s photo of the day’s taken in my garden, where poppies seem to be popping out on both sides of the garden, like magic! The photo does not really do justice to the flower as it looks much more vibrant in real life. =) 
Did I mention how much I love living here? =) 

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  1. Reeling...Blipss May 17, 2011 / 00:04

    Wa…Poppies popping out in your little garden. Me likey. Faster google how we can make full use of the popping poppies!!!!!!!1

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