Project 365: DAY 17 (Homemade Mocha)

Technically, you make it at home but it’s not really homemade, is it? =p Earlier on I mentioned this lovely Patience Hot Chocolate given by the Lim family which really is fab! As I’m currently working on two long essays (fact that they’re due in on Thursday DOES NOT HELP), I decided to add a shot of caffeine on a whim. La dee dah. You get the best tasting mocha ever. 
That’s Starbucks Via by the way, definitely NOT your average instant coffee. It’s MICROGROUND COFFEE BEANS which just dissolves in water / milk , hot OR cold immediately. All you need to do is stir. Fantastic, isn’t it? =p
I just wish Auntie Lim had given me more hot chocolate sachets as the one in the above photo was the very last one!! Am gonna give the Green & Blacks organic hot chocolate a go this time whee! 
I don’t understand myself sometimes. Why do I sound so happy and hyper when my nose is running free flow and I have two essays to write. Hmm… I definitely am losing my marbles. GAH. 

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