Project 365: DAY 10 (Royal Wedding father-son shot)

Hehe. So I cheated. This wasn’t taken today but on Friday (29th April) along Whitehall. I did not take any photos today because:
1. I overslept, once again but somehow managed to catch the bus up to uni. A miracle T__T
2. I had a long, tiring day at work. Imagine having to conjure Cheeseburgers / Sausage / Bacon Baps at will. I make 10 of each, put them onto the heating shelves (bloody things are so hot I keep burning myself) and then voila! They disappear and I get customers asking for more. +__+
3. I am tired. I did not get a break today because it was so busy and stuff from Bake and Bite kept flying off the shelves =( 
But the main reason should be : because I’m lazy like that. =p 
I really like this photo as the little boy looked so happy! If only we were young, innocent and uncorrupted again………. 

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