Project 365: DAY 24, 25 (Spring flowers everywhere!)

Oops, I just realised I forgot to post a photo yesterday :s But here’s the photo I wanted to put up anyway! I do not usually walk up to uni because: 
1. I have a bus pass that cost me £150 for the academic year. Being the cheapo person that I am, I must use my bus pass to the max mwahaha.
2. The fat and lazy self that I am simply refuses to walk up that STEEP HILL to get to the university. 
However, I sometimes do walk up to uni if, and ONLY IF:
1. Buses are not running (they obviously do not start running at 6am, do they?)
2. I am feeling particularly sporty (which never happens, I promise you)
I mentioned having to walk up a steep slope just to get to uni and I obviously need to look for shortcuts (because I am fat and lazy) and this particular short cut takes you through a VERY NARROW footpath with wild flowers / shrubs that have THORNS  adorning both sides of the walkway. 
WARNING: not suitable for fat people like yours truly. I will always catch my clothes on those THORNS and if they manage to poke me, they ITCH like a BITCH. GAH. 
But all’s well if you want to have that extra 5 minutes’ worth of shut eye as you grudgingly trudge up that steep slope!
I actually thought those wildflowers are elderflowers (flowers from the elderberry plant, for those of you, who like me have to actually GOOGLE what elderflowers are) but apparently not!! The elderberry plant has thicker, greener leaves (from google images of course, I’m not a botanist) but I was really hoping they were elderflowers because I can then *ahem MUM* nick some and make ELDERFLOWER CORDIAL… Mmmm I think I’ve got to get some from Sainsburys soon =p
Spring’s definitely my favourite season of the year (other than when the one up there decides to throw in HEAT WAVES fml) because that’s when you get such lovely wildflowers / flowers popping out of nowhere! It usually begins with those oh-so-golden-yellow DAFFODILS which will wilt once the Spring showers come but they are pretty while they last! They are also a SIGN that SPRING HAS COMETH, which makes me happy, and sad at the same time (because I’m growing older sob) 
Another one of my favourites, which perhaps may be a lawn mover’s nightmare ….. DAISIES who doesn’t like daisies? They are so pretty! This was taken this morning while I was walking through the same route (this time, no more thorny pokes!) and the daisies were looking as uh.. FRESH AS A DAISY!!! Okay I’ll admit that was really lame and totally unnecessary!!