Review: Clinique’s All About Eyes Serum (HG)

I am a fan of gimmicky products thanks to their brilliant marketing strategies and roller ball eye massagers have been the ‘in’ thing over the last couple of years!! I was first introduced to this concept when Garnier launched their anti-puff eye roller some years back, but did not think of purchasing it as I did not like the idea of spending close to £10 for  a drugstore product. However, during one of Clinique’s Bonus Time events I picked up a leaflet from Fenwick which introduced me to their newest product – Clinique’s All About Eyes Serum! Being a fan of their Bonus Time gift sets, I popped in store and checked the product out and before I knew it, *kaching* went the till register. +__+
What Clinique says: 
Instantly cools, brightens. Combats puffiness, dark circles. Refreshing mini massage hydrates too. Layerable with other eye treatments. 

I may be biased as this is my first eye roll-on serum but this product does wonders for me! I have insomnia when I’m due in to work the next day as I am often paranoid I’ll oversleep :s so I normally wake up with puffy eyes that take FOREVER to open, which is why I always snooze my alarm clock (sorry darling housemates!)
I keep this in the fridge because I was going with the masses =p Well, placing the eye serum in the fridge apparently soothes your eyes even more! My eyes definitely feel less puffy upon application but believe me, this product WAKES ME UP, as in really opens my eyes. 
Normal work day scenario: S stumbles out of bed after snoozing her alarm numerous times. She then blindly makes her way to the kitchen to boil water (I always have half boiled eggs for breakfast) before going to the loo to brush teeth / wash face. Once done, she pops to the fridge and whips out this stick and swipes it under her eyes (twice) and over the eyelid (twice), CRINGES at how COLD that metal ball is and after patting the serum onto the eyes (with my ring fingers)… is finally awake. 
Oh yes, I am THAT terrible. I often operate on auto-pilot mode until I ‘roll’ this over my eyes. Le sigh. How am I supposed to live without you? 
I follow up with Clinique’s All About Eyes cream and Garnier’s tinted eye roller after! 
As mentioned earlier, this product can be layered with other eye treatments and does not make my lids feel heavy / sticky so that’s a massive plus! Also, I really like how my eyes feel refreshed the very second the roller hits them! 
Here’s a pic of the saviour that never fails to wake me up completely when I’m due in at 6.30am: 

In all, this costs twice the price of the Garnier eye roller (at a slightly hefty £20) but this works amazingly well and I’ve had this since December 2010 but I still have a little less than half a bottle left even though I use this twice a day! This either means I’m extremely stingy with the usage OR this product is bottomless! =p 
I do not have very puffy eyes so I cannot comment on whether this effectively de-puffs eyes but this is such a gentle product! I have sometimes carelessly wiped some product into my eyes (told you I was on auto-pilot) but thankfully my eyes did not sting! I love this for my eyes and I will repurchase again and again when it runs out! =)
Rating: 5/5