Project 365: DAY 3 (View of the Cathedral)

Today is a day of unexpected shock. I woke up in shock, even though I wasn’t late for work, got dressed in a hurry and got lunch sorted and decided to walk out to the bus stop EARLY so I won’t miss the bus.
But what do you know. As I was coming out of the junction leading towards the bus stop, I saw the bus. IT SPED RIGHT PASSED ME AND UP THE HILL. 
Me: T__T I woke up early only to miss the bus?!? SHOCK NUMBER TWO.
Walked up today and it was surprisingly chilly. Didn’t put on a scarf as I assumed I was early enough to catch the bus. Le sigh. 
If you squint at the photo you might be able to catch a glimpse of the Canterbury Cathedral =) 


  1. Reeling...Blipss April 27, 2011 / 01:51

    WHAT? God punished you for being EARLY? So undeserving. I just cant believe it, I thought you were still praying to your God of Procrastination for your essays yesterday. Hmmm…How interesting!!!!

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