Bourjois foundation reviews coming soon….

Okay, I mainly started this blog because I love my skin care products and have only started venturing into cosmetics late last year (actually, during Christmas where all those awesome offers tempt my already empty pockets!)

Since then, I have been stalking Lisa Eldridge and Michelle Phan just because… Fine, fine just because I am supposed to be working on my extremely long essays (and dissertation GAH) but being the serial procrastinator that I am, I started blog hopping, and one thing led to another! =p

I enjoy Lisa Eldridge’s tutorials as I am such a make up newbie and having step-by-step guides on how to wear foundation / concealer / highlighter and such really helps! She recently posted a drugstore favourites video and Bourjois came out tops on her list, which made me want to give their foundations a go!

I bought a few Bourjois blushes for my mum when I first came to the UK and she really liked their colours but the only downside was that the blushes harden after a while! All’s not lost though as I read somewhere you can use an old toothbrush to gently ‘scrape’ the tough bits out. Hmm I haven’t actually asked Mum to give that a go but I really should as those blushes are nicely pigmented!

Then, as I am a lipgloss fiend… I absolutely love their 3D effect glosses =) =) No photos at the moment but they will soon be up! I actually bought TWO Bourjois foundations – the first being the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation and the other being the 10 hour Sleep Effect one! I got the one in shade 51 for Healthy Mix and 71 for the Sleep Effect one and judging the great reviews online and by word of mouth, I think this is money well spent! =D

Anyway! I bought these babies at Superdrug Camden Town where they were having a 3 for 2 offer on all Bourjois cosmetics!


Healthy Mix Foundation : £9.99
Sleep Effect Foundation: £9.49
Max 3D Effect in shade 61 : £8.49

The bill came up to £17.53 as I get a 10% student discount thanks to my NUS card! =p

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