The Royal Wedding: because I was there!

The wedding of the century, some may say. For me, it was amazing. I’ll simply let the photos speak for themselves, with little (okay maybe a lot) of captions accompanying them. Enjoy the shots seen through my sepet eyes! xxx
The friendly Daily Telegraph people! They were selling the newspaper (duh) and were giving out freebies!!! 2 commemorative wedding CDs, a poster and your choice of either a pair of binoculars or umbrella. I chose the binoculars as they would be great for my West End outings (no more paying £1 to ‘rent a pair’ during my musical outings) Oh, the newspaper AND freebies only cost £1. BARGAIN!!
This is The Mall, which is pretty much the main road / wedding route which leads right to the front of Buckingham Palace. We initially tried to get a spot near the Palace as we really wanted to catch a glimpse of the KISS but it was jam packed with people and we couldn’t move! Thankfully, the ever-so / overtly organised Vicki decided we should head towards Whitehall (No.10!!) and give it a go.
We saw this poor dog looking miserable as its owner keeps propping its forelegs onto the handlebar when the poor thing kept trying to get off the bicycle! Sigh the things we do to animals. =( well I guess the owner got his 5 seconds of fame as he would have probably made it on national telly.
The Admiralty Arch!

I love the Union Jack! Massive flags were raised for this joyous occasion!! This was the area which was cordoned off, by the way and we were one of the lucky ones to be ‘stuck’ in there!! =p

Before I forget, here’s a shot of my lovely friend Vicki who’s such a trooper! She woke up at 4am just to catch the earliest train into London! You won’t believe how heavy her bag was!! She had loads of food in it! Crisps / cupcakes / fruit – you name it, she’s got it in there! It’s magic! Okay I’ll stop talking and let the photos do all the work =p
The procession started off with a band trumpeting their way pompously down the street.
Now, enough with the food photos! Here comes the bride, here comes the bride!!!! Catherine Elizabeth on her way to the Westminster Abbey!! Yay for Alexander McQueen!! I tried getting shots of the others (groom, parents, Queen) but they came out badly so here’s the best photo (out of the worst) =p
We then sat out for a bit during the service as the weather was doing an elastic bungee jump – one moment it’s warm and suddenly you get a whoosh of cold wind and then brrrrr…. you freeze and in the case of Vicki, massive leg cramps!

Moving on!! 🙂 And they are off to Catherine / Duchess of Cambridge’s new home…. Wait a minute, PALACE, not home. She’s no commoner unlike us mere mortals T__T

The married couple!!! *cannot believe we were breathing the same air* *hyperventilates*

She looked gorgeous and Prince William was…. Err….. Just trying to hide his balding head with a military peak cap. =p
Look, ma! Free flags!! *cheapo alert*
The regal Queen and Prince Phillip in their see-through carriage. So cute!
Pumpkin carriage =p
And now, for the parents. I feel sorry for the Middletons as they had backward facing seats..
What’s a Royal Wedding without Bobbies?
And now, for some eye candy (okay this might need acquired taste)
Meet your friendly neighbourhood bobby who talks and jokes with almost everyone! Behind him, the arrogant bobby looks on and thinks ‘oh what a showoff’ =p
This was Vicki’s ‘catch of the day’!
Thick-velvety-people-blocking hats were sold! Not good for the vertically challenged *yours truly* +__+
This is what happens when you’ve been standing FOREVER. Okay for being on your feet / hyperventilating since the day before and for not being able to sleep due to the immense excitement. At least the child had someone to carry him 🙂
And the boys go home.
We were really desperate to catch a glimpse of the kiss so we decided to make our way to Buckingham Palace, following in the footsteps of the royal entourage!!
We were extremely lucky to walk through the Horse Guards Parade as it’s usually closed to public!! But………

The CULPRIT. Horse Poo really stinks. =(

This is the entrance of the Horse Guards Parade!!
The amazing view once you walk through the arches and look over your shoulders!
You will never see slacking Bobbies on a normal day in St. James’s Park, only today! =p
Anyone fancy horse poo? 😉
Down The Mall again! You never usually get to walk on the roads! Only for the Royal Wedding =p
We were so gungho about getting a brilliant view and all….. But this was the furthest we could manage… Behind the monument. +__+ And we were stuck there for the longest time. Anyway.. Spot the planes!
Okay the end, haha! We were obviously hungry and tired after all that screaming, waving and photo-taking so we decided to stop at the Japan Centre for lunch! We were so lucky to land ourselves a table just outside the Centre! =) Here’s what I had for lunch, shared with the boyfriend. Tempura bento and stir-fried soba which was yummy. Anything Japanese is yummy!! The drink was some kind of Herbal Tea! Coca-cola manufactured it, by the way and we did find that rather strange.
We went to the National Portrait Gallery to sit and chat and Vicki went home not long after! Here’s what I collected today =)
I’m really glad I went! It was a good day out with good company and we were really lucky with the standing spots, views (other than at Buckingham Palace), weather and even the table at the Japanese Centre!
Lastly, let me introduce you to my future husband =p
*apart from the topping hehehe!

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