Review: Mega Mushroom Treatment Toner by Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins

Hello everyone! I have just finished this bottle of toner not too long ago and would love to share my thoughts about it!

This is the toner from the famed Dr. Andrew Weil line for Origins where it is aimed at people with sensitive skin!
I personally have very sensitive skin which flares up easily! When I’m home in Malaysia I usually go for facials at the Origins standalone store in Gardens, Midvalley. This, along with the Mega Mushroom serum (which I will review later) was recommended to me by Aris, the beautician!
This 200ml bottle lasted me 3 months with everyday use and here’s what I have to say about it!
Pros: There is a lovely scent to it! (not to worry, I did not smell any mushrooms in this toner!) It was a subtle flowery scent and upon application is cool and refreshing and did not irritate my skin! This toner preps your skin for moisturizer and does not strip the skin of its natural oils as my skin felt soft after each application!
Cons: I do not think it helped very much with my skin sensitivity a.k.a redness. =( That’s the only gripe I have!
Overall this is a rather pricey toner (I think I paid close to RM200 for this toner) but I would say it is one of the better toners I have used! Do give this a go if you have sensitive skin as the range is specially formulated for people with sensitive skin!
Rating: 3/5