history’s repeated itself. this time last year, i was recovering from surgery.

coming monday, i’m going in for another surgery, similar to the one i went through.

having spent the last five days bedridden at the hospital, i realised having no diagnosis actually feels worse than being told what the problem is.

what is the issue? what’s wrong with you?

why is the pain there?

 i don’t know.

Playing ‘homemaker’

I haven’t quite sorted out my “photographing station” just yet, so do please bear with these nonsensical and photo-less posts until I finally get round to sorting things out.

Am slowly easing back into blogging regularly, you see. =)

Today’s random topic?


Yep. Since starting work, I’ve spent a lot of money on food… Eating out, that is. My (then) odd working hours made it rather impossible for me to eat at home, bar the rare occasion when Mummy makes me home cooked dinners, which I enjoy very, very much.

Still, one needs to socialise, right?

I used to do pretty nice lunches with a friend, just before we started work and while they were enjoyable, my wallet was starting to feel the strain.


Now that Paul* and I have our own place, I find myself yearning to get back into the kitchen.

Not that I didn’t enjoy using my kitchen at home, just that I feel more comfortable cooking in a place we can (kinda) call our own.

And boy, cooking at home sure is a lot cheaper than eating out.

For example, we spent RM38.55 at The Zun Express for dinner last night.

We also spent RM38 on groceries at Cold Storage last night.

What we had at The Zun Express:

1. Fried Bee Hoon with Fish Sauce

2. Chinese Waxed Meats with rice set dinner

What we bought at Cold Storage:

1. Organic carrots

2. Purple carrots

3. Celery

4. Organic purple cabbage

5. Tray of Omega eggs

6. Sakura Chicken Breast (antibiotic-free, apparently)

7. Organic sweet potatoes

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Distractions all round

I’ll (or should I say, WE’LL) be walking down the aisle in EIGHT weeks….

And ashamedly, there’s still lots to do.

Flowergirl dresses? (Sorry, Lily)

Ring bearer and flowery suits?

Bridesmaids’ dresses?


Okay, I need to take a chill pill. I haven’t seen my own custom-made gowns, what more my bridesmaids’ dresses + all the above… BUT!

What’s more important, is that this is going to be a hugely rant-y post.

If you still wish to read on, grab a huge mug of tea… with some popcorn / snacks for this is going to be one long post.

(or so I think)

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Here’s to all things new

Wow. It’s January 2015. Too much has happened. I’ve got quite a few updates for the few of you who still come round to take a peek every now and then. =)

2014, was a painful year for me. I lost a grandmother, whom I loved dearly. It pains me even more when I discovered she was taken off life support and we weren’t given the chance to say our final goodbyes. Her passing has got me really down: I tear up every time I see an elderly person in a wheelchair, being wheeled about the mall by loved ones.

I still cannot bring myself to step into the restaurants we used to frequent when she came to visit. It’s embarrassing, really. The smallest things remind me of her, and it upsets me if anyone says something along the lines of:

“Oh what a shame! If only your grandma had held it out until after your wedding.”

It breaks my heart every time someone says that. Trust me, I’ve had many people say that to me, and it never fails to transform me into a weepy mess.

So yes, that was most painful.

Silver linings, Sukie… In spite of all the sadness, Paul* and I got married!! We registered our marriage at the Subang Jaya Buddhist Association in July and then “moved” into our new home in December.

Speaking of something new, my parents-in-law very kindly did up the home for us, and it came chockfull with trimmings! My parents too contributed with beautiful crockery, cutlery and many an electrical appliance, for which we are extremely grateful.

Technology-wise, I finally got myself a MacBook Air, so be prepared to be bombarded with many more posts this year!

Need to also learn how to manage my stress levels better, having joined a new department with healthier working hours.

Here’s to a smashing 2015!

See you on the other side, Popo

I lost my grandmother on Aug 14. She's the only other grandparent I've lost, apart from my grandpa (her husband) when I was four. Back then, I suppose things were easier.

I guess I didn't even know what death meant. It helped that I didn't have to head out to the cemetery as mum was pregnant with my brother then.

Popo suffered a stroke 20-odd days before she passed on. I visited her twice (or was it thrice) before she passed on. First time I went back, she seemed pretty alert and happy, having being able to respond to my questions, even hitting my hand as I attempted to extract some blackheads from her face. Hehe.

Second time round, she didn't look so good and seemed to have lost the use of her tongue. Which is a bad sign for stroke patients. I held her hand and persuaded her to hang in there, for it's a lifelong dream of mine to have my grandmothers be present at my wedding. A very selfish thought on my part but on the other hand, we were getting ready to take her to our home but we first had to renovate the home to make it more wheelchair-friendly.

We were too late.

Close friends and longtime readers would know that Popo lived alone for a while until Aunt first got her a maid. Unfortunately, things didn't quite work out but we were lucky enough to get another maid for her, bless her.

I'm sounding incoherent as I sit in her home, struggling to pick up the pieces. After a prayer session today, we went back to her hem as the relatives sieved through her belongings in search of something else. I'm still struggling to come to terms with the fact that she's gone.

I'm still living in denial. Of course, a very dear friend managed to cheer me up by saying

“Time will heal all, as cheesy as it sounds.”

But you know what? I'm still reeling in shock. Being the overemotional crybaby that I am, not one night goes by without me crying myself to sleep. I may be editing copies at work and suddenly be overwhelmed with emotion.

I may well be doing the dishes and suddenly hear her voice going

“Ooi make sure your sponge picks up enough sabun (soap)!”

As the relatives went through her clothes, I recognized many of them and could quickly associate them with the places we went, all the good times we had.

Pink floral top - she wore this while we were sipping Boh tea and nibbling on English shortbread at the Boh Tea plantation in Cameron Highlands.

Black-red mandarin collared top - she wore this during one of her many visits to Penang, what made it memorable was the fact that she managed to catch up with relatives on grandpa's side. I think it was the last they saw of her, and her of them.

And the list goes on.

It hurts to think she's not here anymore. It hurts to think no one will be picking the phone up on the other end should I try dialling her number. In the past, I had to call a couple of times before she would breathlessly answer the phone.

Most, if not all of our conversations would begin as such:

Popo: Sorry, *huffs and puffs* I had to come from the back of the house (kitchen).

Me: Haha you pangsai (poop) again ah!

Popo: No! My life doesn't only revolve around pooping, okay!?!


In her later years, the loo became Popo's best friend. She would need it wherever she goes, before she steps out of the home and I used to get so irritated about it.

Here's an example.

Five minutes before leaving home, having already peed beforehand.

Teena-clad Popo: Eh, are we going out now?

Me: Yes, shall I load you into the car? (Inside joke that's not-so-inside anymore – I used to refer to her as cargo)

Popo: Wait I need to pee.

Me: But you just went!

Popo: I want to go again.

Me: Come on grandma, we are heading out. Can't you do the deed in your diapers?

Popo: No way. I need to wash my privates.





That's Popo for you.

She was beautiful, kind and filled with a wicked sense of humour. She brought so much joy into our lives.

Now, all that's left is silence. When will the hurt go away?



Travel favourites (for now)

So I'm leaving, on a jet plane …. Once again, I'm doing a short trip up north, and had to quickly gather a few essentials to maintain my sane look. Trust me, no one wants to see me without makeup now that I've started wearing it on a daily basis!

Just two days ago while I was at the hospital, the mother took one look at me and said

“Oh dear me, why is your skin looking so red and blotchy?”

Thanks mum, fancy me still living at home and you never realize this is how I look sans makeup?

Anyway, that brings me to this post. Behold, my makeup travel case. Skincare lives in another case.

What? Did you think hoarder me would be able to scale down on the items I pack? Uh… No. :p

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August Empties

Hello everyone! I've got an announcement to make, and that is of me making a comeback. :p yes, after an incredibly long hiatus with extremely sporadic posts here and there, I believe, I strongly believe I am back for good. :)

I've had a pretty rough 2014, having had surgery in April to losing my grandmother last month… It's been tough, but I will write about it another day. Thought I'd kickstart blogging by showing you what I've used up in the last month!

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Hi! I’m writing this from my phone as I have run out of scheduled posts and am currently unable to sit up for prolonged periods of time.

It’s been trying. A friend joked that Lillian Too (pretty famous feng shui master) mentioned that people who are born in the Year of the Dragon (that’s me) face ill health this year.

I’ve been pretty ill. Managed to use three days’ MC at the start of the year thanks to a horrible episode of food poisoning before coming down with a really bad back – colleagues who know me well would have been victim to my many complaints, moans and groans.

Late March, I was “diagnosed” with a torn spinal ligament, which resulted in me being bedridden for the rest of the month. It’s not so bad, just six days… But enough to upset some.

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Review: Dior Capture Total Eyes Essential Serum

An eye serum. For someone who doesn't apply eye cream diligently, this was quite a big purchase for me. I honestly don't know what made me make this purchase, but I can't say it was a bad decision!

I bought this quite sometime ago, as I enjoyed using the face serum (thanks, Lily!) and thought it wouldn't hurt to give the eye serum a go. Regular readers would know my eye sacks are the bane of my life and reading the blurb of this product that promises to “rid the eye area of toxins”, I was sold.

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Beauty Haul!

Hello! This post, and the many more to come are actually scheduled posts as I recuperate from surgery. To take everyone's minds off me being at the hospital, allow me to indulge a little and display this lovely haul I gathered from the last few weeks, with the most recent being from a few days ago (thank you, Mummy!)

I spy four blushes in this haul…. The blush addict in me is showing for sure!

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